“Perhaps the best documentary about a jazz musician ever made - The film is spellbinding from beginning to end. It offers a moving, intimate portrayal of Martino as a person, a musical icon and someone who had undergone a traumatic loss of memory and made a miraculous recovery. It's a deeply personal testament." - Victor L. Schermer All About Jazz - read full review and interviews here.

"Pat Martino, the admired jazz guitarist is the protagonist of a story that is more Hollywood than Hollywood." "... this is an absorbing and remarkable work, a complete study of the capacity of the brain and soul to overcome the worst situations." - In-Edit, Barcelona.

"With both a thoughtfully written script and a skillful production, ...Martino: Unstrung is completely absorbing and manages to avoid the myopic cliché that leave so many documentaries about musicians flat and formulaic. ...It succeeds by investigating the many sides of Martino’s story and tying them together through the lens of his brain disease."
"Although there are some very tasty clips of Martino’s band rehearsing that would make any jazz guitar junkie pay strict attention, this film would be interesting if Martino were a painter or sculptor instead of a world class musician. And that may be exactly why this documentary is so intriguing - it portrays the human fragility that we all share, genius or not."
- John Huntley, Just Jazz Guitar magazine.